Summit Utilitruck Gen 1 Front End Alignment Procedures

This Article covers the Summit Utilatruck Gen 1


SU5 gEn11

1. Place vehicle on a flat, level surface with the front tires pointed

directly forward.

2. Place a carpenter's square against the left front tire and check

that the tire is straight up and down. If it is not vertical, adjust

A-Arm ball joint in or out as needed to reach 90 degrees.

3. When correct adjustment is achieved, Torque nut to 55 ft. lbs.

4. Repeat steps 1 - 4 for right front wheel



NOTICE: Always check that camber is correct before performing

toe-in adjustment.

1. With wheels pointed directly forward, loosen jam nuts on tie

rod ends.

2. Using a rod or stick approximately 46”- 46½” long, check the

distance between front edge of both tires. Then check the distance

between the back edge of both tires.

3. The distance between tires at the front edge should be 1/4”-1/8”

less than the distance between the back edge of the tires.

4. If distance between tires (toe in - toe out) is incorrect, rotate

tie rods to adjust as necessary.

5. When correct distance is achieved, tighten tie rod jam nuts

against tie rods ends.

6. Recheck measurements.