Eagle Front End Alignment Procedures

This article covers the EU Utilatruck, P4 Eagle, & Summit Utility

Camber Adjustment


1. Each camber adjuster has a dimple in the same position. Check that both camber adjusters (dimples) are set in the same position.

2. Place a carpenter's square against the left front wheel and check that the wheel is straight up and down.

3. If the wheel is not vertical, loosen A-arm mounting bolt (Figure

6-12). Rotate both camber adjusters equally until the wheel is straight up and down.

4. When the correct adjustment is obtained, torque A-arm mounting bolt to 25 ft. lbs. (3.5 Kgm).

5. Repeat for the right front wheel.


NOTICE: Always check that camber is correct before performing

toe-in adjustment.

1. With wheels pointed directly forward, loosen jam nuts on tie rod ends.


2. Using a rod or stick approximately 27”-27½” long, check distance between front edges of both tires. Then check the distance between back edges of both tires.

3. The distance between tires at front edge should be 1/4”-1/8”less than the distance between the back edges of the tires.

4. If distance between tires (toe in - toe out) is incorrect, rotate tie rods to adjust as necessary.

5. When correct distance is achieved, tighten tie rod jam nuts against tie rods.

6. Recheck measurements.