Removing Front Body / Hood

This article cover's the following Models: (P4) Eagle(EU) Utilitruck (S10) Scout, ESCAPE, Strut Monster (SMT) Summit Utility


Removing Front Body

Front Body p4

1. Remove the front nameplate (if attached).

2. Remove the center bolt, washer, and lock nut from the front


3. The upper and side sections of the front body are attached to

the cowl with tabs extended into slots in the cowl. Push

in on the body near the left or right side and pull the tab free

of the slot. Repeat around the upper edge of the body until all

tabs are free.

4. Lift body from cowl.

5. Disconnect the headlight wiring connectors (Figure 8-2).

NOTE: It may be necessary to cut the cable tie securing the

headlight wiring in order to unplug the connector.

6. Remove the turn signal lamps by twisting and pulling them

free of the front body.

7. Remove front body from vehicle.

Installing Front Body

P4 Front body1

1. Position front body on vehicle.

2. Install turn signal bulbs into front body and twist 1/4 turn to

fully seat them.

3. Reconnect headlight wiring connectors. Install a cable tie on

the headlight wiring assembly if necessary.

4. Push front body tabs into cowl slots until fully seated.

5. Install bolt, washer, and lock nut. Tighten securely.

6. Install new front nameplate.